Community Development

Here you will find numerous plans and documents important for the day-to-day operations and future planning for the Village of L’Anse. Each document was created to guide the community into a sustainable future.

Documents include:

  • The 2023-2027 Village of L’Anse and L’Anse Township Recreation Plan is the five-year plan to improve the recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.
  • The Village of L’Anse Master Plan guides overall planning to serve as the catalyst for change and help the community develop a sustainable future.
  • The Village of L’Anse Information Manual provides information for residents and visitors about everything from meetings to utilities.
  • The Village of L’Anse Guide to Development provides step-by-step information and instructions on the Conceptual Review meeting, site plan review, zoning administrator and planning commission review and applicable timelines.
  • The Zoning Ordinance provides a copy of the current rules for land use that apply to the Village of L’Anse as established in accordance with the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, Act 110 of 2006.
  • The Public Participation Plan outlines the goals and methods of public engagement used for planning and development.
  • The Zoning Map is a visual aid in identifying where zoning districts are located in the village.
  • The 2023-2028 Capital Improvements Plan is a six-year plan for capital projects. This document assists in guiding the village in setting its annual budget for capital expenditures.

Permits and DDA Grant Applications include:

  • DDA Façade Grant application
  • DDA Summer Flower Beautification Grant application
  • Building Permit (State of Michigan)-all fees payable to the State of Michigan
  • Electrical Permit (State of Michigan)-all fees payable to the State of Michigan
Building, Development, and Variance Fees

All building permits applications and fees are completed through the State of Michigan.
Zoning Variances must be requested at the Village office and payable by check, money order,
or cash to the Village of L’Anse.  There are no fees for a Site Plan Review.

Conceptual Review Meeting

It is recommended that applicants request a conceptual review meeting with the Village Manager,
the Zoning Administrator. This pre-submission meeting includes preliminary review of a site plan
proposal, or review package, an explanation of zoning requirements, and addresses circumstances
that would otherwise result in a package being postponed or not accepted.
Please see the Guide to Development linked below under the Village of L’Anse tab for complete
development directions. To set up a meeting, please call (906)-524-6116 and ask for the
Village Manager/Zoning Administrator.

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State of Michigan Building Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application

State of Michigan Fee Schedule
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Village of L'Anse8 documents

  • L'Anse Village and Township Joint Recreation Plan
    document _recordid 13
  • Village of L'Anse Master Plan
    document _recordid 14
  • Village of L'Anse Guide to Development resources
    document _recordid 17
  • Zoning Ordinance
    document _recordid 18
  • Public Participation Plan
    document _recordid 19
  • Zoning Map
    document _recordid 20
  • Village of L'Anse Capital Improvements Plan
    document _recordid 75
    document _recordid 129

2024 DDA Facade & Beautification Grants Applications2 documents

  • DDA Facade Grant 2024.pdf
    document _recordid 80
  • DDA Summer 2024 Flower Beautification.pdf
    document _recordid 81

State of Michigan -Village of L'Anse Building Permit1 document

  • State of Michigan -Village of L'Anse Building Permit
    document _recordid 96

State of Michigan -Village of L'Anse Electrical Permit1 document

  • State of Michigan Village of L'Anse Electrical Permit
    document _recordid 98